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Tor C. I. Collar Clamp with hinge

The IntelloTECH Tor C. I. Collar clamp have been designed keeping in view the concrete wall where these clamps make a solid grip.

Reference Nominal C.I Pipe mm Collar Size Inch Width X Thickness In mm
CTC-101 110 3" 30X1.6
CTC-102 140 4" 30X1.6
CTC-103 195 6" 30X1.6


Using Tor clamp is quite easy. All one has to do is to make a slit like hole in the brick wall. Then put the u shaped part of the clamp in the hole. Fill with concrete.

Leave to dry so that the tor is firmly fixed.Open the clamp . Place pipe in such a way that the collar aligns with clamp. Close clamp and tighten the nut and bolt.