Caring for Good Health & Hygiene

" Water.. the very core of life Three fourth of the world is water and so is the human body... The water is synonymous with life and at times wreaks havoc in the form of floods cyclones tsunamis and of course diseases.But it protects also... "
And we at Chilly took this lesson very seriously and all our products reflect the same motherly touch of care and concern for health and hygiene. It has been more then 25 long years when Chilly began working relentlessly for the good of people by doing a lot of R&D, pursuit of excellence in developing a product and only taking up a product which will not be only commercially viable but socially beneficial and individually satisfying too.
Our product line up amply prove this. The Chilly Cockroach Trap, the Intello-Tech Support Clamps and now Electrical Junction Boxes..
Each product has a story to tell.......

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