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Split Clamp

Split Pipe Support Clamp is an engineering marvel. It has been designed to give vertical and horizontal support to pipes and cables. This support does not merely mean holding pipes and cables in place but much more than that. The IntelloTECH Split Pipe Support Clamps give tight and right support with the freedom to easily repair , maintain and change in future which ordinary clamps fail to do . The IntelloTECH clamps are designed in such a way that they can easily be said the next generation clamps.

The IntelloTECH split pipe support clamps keep a fair distance between the pipe and the wall which facilitates future repairs and in maintaining a clean and blakening proof wall.

Lock bolts allow for sizes 4" to 8" adjustment to accommodate varying pipe diameters

Zinc coated Electro Galvanized Steel Clamp Body (Corrosion Resistant)

M6 Lock Bolts for sizes ?" to 3" M8 lock bolts for sizes 4" to 8"

Rubber Pad inner grooves for tight support

EPDM rubber lining for vibration and sound insulation

Strenghthened welded nut M8/M10-½ to 3" M10-4", 5", 6" M12-8"

Reference Clamping Range
Hold-onNot Width X Thickness
  mm mm Inch mm mm
CIC-000 720 10 3/8" 8 & 10 20x2
CIC-101 20-25 15 ½ 8 &10 20x2
CIC-102 26-30 20 3/4" 8 & 10 20x2
CIC-103 37-36 25 1" 8 &10 20x2
CIC-104 38-44 32 1 ¼" 8 &10 20x2
CIC-105 47-51 40 1¼" 8 &10 20x2
CIC-106 60-64 50 2" 8 & 10 20x2
CIC-107 74-80 65 2¼" 8 & 10 20x2
CIC-108 87-92 80 3" 8 & 10 20x2
CIC-109A 95 102 90 3 ¼" 10 20X2.5
CIC-109 113-118 100 4" 10 20x2.5
CIC-110 138-142 125 5" 10 20X2.5
CIC-111 160-167 150 6" 10 20X2.5
CIC-112 215-220 200 8" 12 25x3
CIC-113 235-240 225 9" 12 38x3
C1C-114 263-270 250 10" 12 38x3
CIC-115 313-320 300 12" 12 38x3

Quick and easy steps to installation
Make a hole of size 8mm/10mm in the wall for the fastener where the pipe is to be mounted or hanged

Insert hammer drive anchor fastener in the hole. Place pin inside the fastener and strike with hammer to make fastener fixed firmly in the wall. If using 3 leaf bolt shield for distance, place fastener into the hole and tighten with rod. When fully tightened put a nut washer at wall level to keep fastener in place.

Separate the split clamp parts by unscrewing the inside lock bolts. Screw the connecting nut part to the threaded part of the fastener or in the case of the 3 leaf bolt shield to the rod attached to it

Place the pipe over the clamp half fixed firmly to the wall with the fastener. Put the outer half of the clamp over the pipe and screw the side locking bolts. Tighten the bolts as per requirement according to the slight variation in the pipe diameter.

Follow the same procedure for horizontal and roof hanging installation

Application Area
Plumbing Sanitation Fire fighting Electric and Power lines Air Conditioning Gas, oil, Chimney Irrigation areas Solar Plants

Parkings Factories and Plants Households Housing Complexes Hospitals Hotels Shopping Malls Pharmaceuticals Gardens and Landscapes

EPDM Rubber Lining
EPDM rubber lining ensures smooth and tight grip. It absorbs any vibrations and noise due to flow inside the pipe and thus enhances support strength. Since the vibrations and noise do not pass to nuts and bolts they in turn not become loose and continue to hold the clamp in place.