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Chilly Stainless Steel Floor Grating

Chilly drainage products made of S.S. are suitable for wet rooms, shower enclosuers, bathrooms, kitchen. In fact any stylish, efficient and affordable floor drainage is required.

Manufactured to the highest standards, Chilly offers a coprehensive range of Solid.

Doomed perforated round grating with round and square frae cover for 100m dia. drain pipes

Available in all sizes from 2" - 4 " dia. drain pipes.
(Other Special Sizes can be made as per the customer's specifications.)

Golden Classic
Flat slotted round grating. 50mm-100mm (2"-4") dia drain pipes.
Code Model Name Overall Size Pipe Dia.
GCP03 Golden Classic Plain 80 mm 50 mm (2")
GCP04 Golden Classic Plain 103 mm 75 mm (3")
GCP05 Golden Classic Plain 115 mm 100 mm (4")
GCPG6 Golden Classic Plain Gypsy 127 mm 100 mm (4")
Material SS J4