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Clevis Hangers

Clevis hangers are two piece hangers designed to lend support to all sizes of pipes with very high permissible loads. The locking device allows pre mounting and easy repair and maintenance work. Height Adjustment

EPDM rubber casing for smooth support

The rubber makes an extra grip on the pipe. It also absorbs any vibrations and noise due to flow inside the pipes and does not let them pass to the nuts and bolts which do not become loose as a result

Unique Design

element of yoke on outside of lower strap barring the yoke from sliding toward the center of the bolt resulting in minimizing of bending of the bolt

Reference Nominal Pipe Size Inch Rod Size mm   Width X Thickness In mm
CCH-01 25 1" 8 25 X 3
CCH-02 32 1 1/4" 8 25 X 3
CCH-03 40 1 1/2" 8 25 X 3
CCH-04 50 2" 8 25 X 3
CCH-05 65 2 1/2" 10 25 X 3
CCH-06 80 3" 12 30 X 5
CCH-07 100 4"' 12 30 X 5
CCH-08 125 5"' 12 30 X 5
CCH-09 150 6" 16 38 X 5
CCH-10 200 8" 16 40 X 5


Make holes of the required diameter as per the outer dia of the fastener. Clear the debris making clean holes for the fastener. Insert 3 leaf bolt shield fastener in to the holes

Insert rods into fasteners holes and tighten so that the leaf at the top end opens and position the fasteners firmly in the ceiling. Put nut washer in the rods at the ceiling level so that they do not move from their tightened position.

Put Clevis hanger clamps into the pipe in requires distance and lift up with support to the rods above. Tighten the clamp to the rods by putting nut washer at both ends of the clamp hole.

Take out the support after the Clevis hanger clamps have been tightened enough.

The pipe can also be slid through the already installed row of clevis hangers since the pendulum action absorbs any disturbance caused during the sliding process