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Base U Clamp

The IntelloTECH Base U clamps provide support to pipes and cables. These clamps are useful where frequent adjustments have to be made. They are especially used in applications where the installations are complicated and tedious. The reason for these clamps being specially suited for complex installations is that they can be adjusted very easily to the varying pipe diameter and any surface variation.

Reference Clamp Size widthXthickness mm
mm  Inch
CBU-101 25 1" 18X1.5
CBU-102 32 1 1/4' 18X1.5
CBU-103 40 1 1/2' 18X1.5
CBU-104 50 2" 18X1.5
CBU-108 80 3" 35X4.0

1.Two piece clamp allows adjustment

2. Easy to install and convenient

3. Grips full circumference of the pipe

4. Distance from wall disperses heat which prevents blackening of wall and keeps the wall neat and clean

Very useful in gas, oil supply pipelines heavy duty pipelines.