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Electric JunctionBox

S.S. Concealed Electric Junction Box

Strength comes from inside and this applies well to the buldings also. Today ,most of the constructions though well from outside are internally weak as the strength gets compromised against beauty. This is done to save money but this does not pay well in future. As a result problems like accidents, regular maintenance etc. originate.

Therefore it is important that the inside should be given good attention as well. The internal should have the high quality pure material of durability and performance.

Today the premium segment is keen on using good quality concealed product as they know the importance of the strengtg of internal structure in their dream projects.

Keeping these facts in minds intelloTECH comes out with Concealed Electric Juncton Box for hanging fans and chandeliers and Cocealed Flush Boxes for switches & fancy lights made of super grade AISI 304 18/8 stainless steel. These products are intellegently designed for quick installation and un-interrupted and hassle-free performance of the power system.

*Better Grip in Concrete
*Noisless Movement of Fans


*Heavy Finish Heavy Duty
*Rust Free AISI 304(18/8) Stainless Steel
*PVC Caps for Tidiness Greater Safety
*No Maintenance More Strength.

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Box Size

Strip Clamp

Especially for Electric Earthing Strips of copper or any other material.